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Interactive Whiteboards at end of useful Life? Projectors constantly failing? Spending a fortune keeping old technlogy running? Not sure what to do next?  


Replacing your Interactive Whiteboard and Projector Setup Costs Less Than You Think

The total cost of ownership of an Interactive Flat Panel over it's useful life span is actually less than the IWB-Projector setups that you already have installed. They also come with a whole host of features you can benefit from.

We'd love to show you all the features of the product so why not schedule a demo with us at a time that is convenient to you.

Dear Educator,

I'm really excited that you are considering replacing your Interactive Whiteboards for Interactive Flat Panels. We'd love to have one of the team show you around the hardware and software so why not schedule a demo today?

– Ronnie Murphy, President

Here's why teachers love TouchIT Interactive LEDs.

Join educators in 30+ countries around the world that use TouchIT Products

"We've been deploying TouchIT LEDs in our district for going on 5 years now. The continuous training and support we receive is fantastic.”  

 Karen V. Wallingford, CT"

"We've 200+ units deployed in our district. The level of support from TouchIT is second to none - I would highly recommend them

Jerry D Corning, NY

"We simply love the product. The teachers that dont have one in their classroom are constanty asking us when they are getting them.

 Trudy M. Las Vegas, NM

"We deployed 50+ units last year and the teachers love them. They use the Apps and Contribute Cloud software on a daily basis

John B. Kingston, MO

Here's why we're excited about Interactive Flat Panels

You're not just purchasing an Interactive LED, you are purchasing a full classroom teaching tool, loaded with Apps, Collaboration, Casting, Gamefication software and more...All backed up with 3 year on-site warranty and a comprehensive Professional Development package.


100s of FREE APPS!

The TouchIT App Store is loaded with 100s of FREE educational apps to use on your TouchIT LED

FREE Collaboration Software

Contribute Cloud comes free as standard with all TouchIT LEDs. Create and deliver your content to your students on tablets or chromebooks and collaborate!

Casting & Multi-Casting FOR FREE

Without any additional hardware you can cast and multi-cast your student's screens to your LED.

Are you ready to learn more about Interactive Flat Panels?